Version 2.0

  • This is a complete rewrite.
  • Paramorphism is now out of the beta phase. Pricing will remain at $80 for now.
  • A new site for Paramorphism now exists at

Breaking Changes

  • Flags no longer exist. corruption and anti_decompression are now individual strategies (which are disabled by default), and the Kotlin strategies are now always enabled (unless explicitly disabled).
  • maven_libraries no longer exists in Paramorphism 2.0, but a reworked design will come in a future version with support for maven over HTTP(S).


  • New: The String Concealing and Method Indirection strategies now use a new, invokedynamic-based technique to conceal the original values.
  • New: A new, experimental strategy called Force No Verify has been introduced. This lets us disable the bytecode verifier to force the JVM to accept classes which can cause crashes in every decompiler and most reversing tools.
  • New: Paramorphism now has a public API, as well as support for custom transforming strategies. The plan is for this to develop into proper plugin support. Documentation coming soon.